David Chaffin
500 word Essay comp 11
September 20, 2012
Ms. Walker
“I love Y…”
Movies have ways of expressing things I’m not sure if anyone really understands; movies, video games and, the media can influence the population as whole. Here is a story based on the aurora shooting in the Batman movie theater.
123123 “Can I get two tickets to batman please” he said. “Do you want something” he also said while looking at the concession stand.” “No thanks”. The movie starts, he reaches curiously for her hand and she snatches it with a grip of a momma trying to save her cub.
He moves in and gives her a kiss on the cheek, and whispers I love y… and before he can finish he sees a shiny thing fly through the air followed by a pink pop! A Flash grenade blows up not three rows in front of them and he can’t hear anything, but through the blur of his eyes he sees her shadow. He almost getting his hearing back but when it finally comes back a little, he feels the bullet go into his right forearm and then someone yells “gun”! Everyone hits the floor except the love of his life; she is still sitting in her seat slowly sliding down and he watches her get three bullets right in the face. Blood flies all over his face. He grabs her foot and pulls her to the ground. He holds her in his arms until he finally falls asleep due to losing to much of the blood from his arm and then he wakes up with guys everywhere and he closes his eyes and then opens and he reads SWAT on their backs. The shooter was found in his silver car while he was waiting for the cops to arrive. The guy just laid their next to his beautiful girlfriend’s dead corpse wondering if there was any way he could just get shot one more time to be with the one he loved.
This story was based off of the aurora shooting in the Dark Knight Rising show movie somewhere in the time that it started I heard that the shooter said he was the joker and his hair was colored orange. There were forty two people shot and wounded and twelve people died in the brutal shooting. But, there are also a lot of the shooters past that shows that he was crazy. His parents had him in counseling and a lot of other thing in this guy’s past could have caused him to be in jail the rest of his life. I heard he just wanted to be known everywhere, and I guess in one way or another, everyone knows him; but, only as the guy who shot everyone in the Aurora. This is why I think movies have ways of expressing things that I don’t know if anyone really understands.

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