Daily routine and leisure time

1. What's part of your day do you like best ?
Well, The time I feel very comfortable is early morning. I often go for a run at that time actually. The street is not crow, fresh air, and you can see the sun is rising too.

2. What is the busiest part of the day for you ?
In the afternoon, I often do all my homework at that time.

3. When do you have free time ?
In Saturday evening, It's time for me to relax, thus I often go out with my friends.

4. What's your favourite way to relax ?
I like going to cinema with my friends and have a small party after that.

5. Do you have any hobbies and interests ?
Sure, I love listening music and play computer games most, but I also have lots of diffirent interests.

6. How do you usually spend your weekend ?
It's time for me to tidy up my house and have a special meal with my family

7. Which do you prefer, Saturday or Sunday ?
Saturday, because I can do anything I want without thing about the next day.

8. Are weekends important for you ?
Very important actually, I need time to relax myself or for my family, and It's the time to prepare for the next week.

Should people be paid overtime for working at the weekends ?
Definitely, It's time for people to relax, so people should be compensated for it.

10. Do you do things in your leisure time with friends or family ?
Mostly with friends. As I talked, I like going to cinema with my friends and have a small party after that.

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