10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You

I can really relate to her. She is a smart, strong-willed feminist with a sharp tongue. She has an independent mind and deep ethical beliefs. She does not care what the people in her school thinks of her as she describes them as idiots who has pathetic, empty, meaningless and consumer-driven lives.

Like Kat, I also believe that school is one, big popularity competition and that people shouldn't be so superficial. Her motto is “you don't always have to be who they want you to be”.

She also tends to be insensitive to other peoples feelings, as she answers Patrick's advances sarcastically and with indifference in the beginning. This is mainly because he was like all boys are. They think girls should worship them.

When Patrick asks her how she's doing in the beginning, she answers that she is sweating like a pig. He said that's a way to get a guy's attention and she anwers, “My mission in life. But, obviously I struck your fancy so you see it worked. The world makes sense again.” She emphasizes that girls are only focused on appearance, and impressing boys.

Instead of spending time with people she has to change herself for, she reads books and listens to bands, which I think is really cool because she doesn't want to fit in with the stereotypical image of how girls should be.

Kat Stratford is the opposite of the stereotypical and that takes guts.

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