10 Things I Hate While Going To The Movies!

10 Things I Hate While Going To The Movies!
I figured I go to the Movies so much why not share what bugs me the most.

#10: People coming into the theater late.
This one is more of a distraction then something I really hate. But come on people. Sometimes the previews are the best thing to watch in the first place.

#9: Cell phone rings during the movie.
Come on Man, have enough responsibility to shut your personal tracker off or turn it to Silent while watching a flick. No one cares if someone wants to know where you are. Shut it!

#8: People Talking.
Talking like everyone in the theater gives a s&!t about what they have to say. I didn't come to see this movie to hear some degenerate express his views to his fellow degenerates while the film is playing and either did anyone else.

#7: Slurping!
If the culprit is an adult, then what the hell Man! Please, save us all from your desperate attempt to wet your whistle and get your lazy a$$ up and go get a refill. If it's kid then please refer to Number 6.

#6: Kids running up and down the isle.
If you cant control your kids outside of a Theater then what makes you think you can make them sit down long enough to watch a full length feature presentation of whatever film you are watching? Nothing that's what, these people are incredibly selfish, while letting their rugrats run rampant not only do they screw the viewing pleasure up for everyone else they make themselves look like complete jack holes.

#5: People who ask questions about every scene!
Are you freaking kidding me? Look I understand wanting to explain things to your buddy who is oblivious to what is going on up on the big screen but SHUT THE H&!L UP! No one cares that you are too stupid to follow, what most of the time are, simple events unfolding while watching a movie. By the time their ignorant friend is finished explaining one scene then the next one is almost over and the two idiots have to start the process all over again. All I can say is were the hell is Keven at when you need him?

#4: People farting and burping.
Normally this, in some instances, is funny. Like when Lee777 farts while on his computer but there is no one there to laugh but himself. That's funny, but not in a packed theater with nothing but a$$ holes and elbows. Besides that nothing delivers a follow up punch to one liners like 'Ill be back' then a loud juicy fart. Grow up you nasty [email protected][email protected]!!

#3: Baby's crying.
Need I say more. If I do please refer to #6

#2: The guy who smells like a bums nut sack!
Hey, hey hey hey, take a shower before you put yourself in a room full of people. This is the person that worked outside all day in the sun and smells like they just rolled in a pile of dirt and a$$. Who knows they might have and that's cool, but don't show up to a movie smelling like it!

#1: People giving away the ending right before it actually happens.
I was watching the 6th sense in theaters, I had an idea that Bruce was dead and was a ghost since he got shot at the beginning of the movie but I off course sat their with the anticipation that anything could happen. Right before it was revealed some Jerky explained to his Girlfriend that Bruce was dead, and then went on to say how he saw the flick the other day and ha ha I told ya so. To this day I still feel someone should have dragged that guy out in the street to be shot (calling Sirprize!). He ruined what has been the only solid movie

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