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100% American Is American Culture “American” by Richard Pells is an article that describes how American culture is actually adopted from other cultures all over the world. During this essay Richard Pells argues that American culture is actually adopted from other cultures and made our own rather than Americans creating their own culture. Richard Pells elaborates during the essay on how European culture influences Hollywood. Pure American Culture does exist and its being exported all over the world. The typical thought of the average American is that America is a melting pot and culture is only imported into America when in reality American Culture is an Export and companies like Coke, McDonalds, and Walmart are proving this fact. Richard Pells goes into further detail by describing Hollywood entrepreneurs as immigrant entrepreneurs. Richard Pells argument on Hollywood could not be more wrong. There are numerous flaws in his opinions on Hollywood not to mention the other arguments in the essay. This essay has some valid points and arguments but the main idea of this article is there is no such thing as American culture and everything we do is derived from other countries.
There are so many original thoughts an ideas that our pioneered by Americans. This Essay analyzes how european ideas influence American ideas but does not consider the opposite many things that have been created in the United States have expanded all over the world. One company that has expanded all over the world is McDonalds. McDonalds started as a single store in the US and now has stores in every corner of the world. So many people our proving that American ideas can be great and the way we think, although different from many other places in the world, is the world is shifting. The whole world is becoming westernized and is now all over the world you will see a mirror image of the United States. At what point does someone become American? Is there a time limit we have to be here before anything we create can be considered American?
One of Richard Pells lines during the essay is “...American culture has never felt all that foreign to foreigners.”.(1047) This is a completely untrue statement. In a recent interview with CNN about foreign baseball players coming to America and adapting to the culture, New York Yankees Pitcher and 10 time all star pitcher Mariano Rivera examined his first few years in America and explained how difficult it is to adapt to the culture he speaks about how he cried every night because American culture was so far from his native country of Panama. (CNN) American culture must have seemed foreign to make a professional baseball player cry every night for a year. The major problem with this essay is it's european slant it might not be too difficult from a person to come from London to America because at least there would be no language barrier. If there is one thing I know from my first hand experience from the summer I spent living in Germany with a German family and having a German student living with me is that adapting to any culture is difficult no matter where whether it be European, Asian, or American.
Yes America is a melting pot and we do take parts of other cultures and make them our own but one thing America has made known worldwide is the Hollywood movies that are pure American. Directors such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Woody Allen are all American directors with their own techniques. Richard Pells suggests during his essay that American actors use european acting techniques when in actuality the most commonly used acting style called method acting was developed in 1930 by an American named Lee Strasberg. Strasberg was able to teach his method acting until his death in 1982. His students were some of the most famous Hollywood actors such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Alec Baldwin, and Robert De Niro. This Method is used in Hollywood until this very day and is taught to new actors threw the Lee Strasberg institute. Method acting establishes the fact that Hollywood still uses American Influences in its movies. During the Essay Pells explains how Method acting was created in Russia but but fails to mention Strasberg who modernized the method and taught it to the American actors and actresses who took the method and developed the method.
Richard Pells has one interesting point when he examines how we have unknowingly made our mass media more appealing to the global audience. During the mass media boom of the last 20 years we have attempted to make our TV shows more appealing to our own country by making them more relatable to many different ethnic groups in America but while doing this it also appealed to the international audience. Because we have so many different cultures to aim our TV shows and movies at we inadvertently grabbed the attention of the whole world. Which is why our American culture is slowly spreading to the rest of the world.
American is truly American we have exported our thoughts, ideas, actions, and products to the rest of the world. Pure American Culture does exist and its being exported all over the world. The typical thought of the average American is that America is a melting pot and culture is only imported into America when in reality American Culture is an Export. Our popular culture has spread to countries in every corner of the world no matter what country you are in you will see some sort of American culture whether its a movie being shown in a theater in Brazil or a coke machine in the streets of Tokyo pure American culture is all around us in every slice of the world.

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