Angry Men

Angry Men The Juror that thought the boy was not guilty was Juror #8 or indentified as David at the end of the film. I thought this juror was the best one of the group. I belief he was the best because he kept and open mind the whole time. He listened to what others had to say, and he didn’t let his emotions take over and was on time for the case. The only mistake I noticed that Juror #8 made was when he went an investigated the case on his own. He went to the pawn shop by the boy’s house that sold the same knife found at the crime scene. Juror #8 I belief was the best juror of the jury.
I thought this Juror was a very important part of the case and jury. The other juror I decided to talk about is Juror #3. He was the very last man to change his vote to not guilty. This is very important part of the film because Juror #8 convinced one by one with help by the others he had already convinced to persuade the others why he was not guilty. Juror #3 was a very stubborn man, and he did not keep an open mind during the trial. He immediately thought he was guilty, and related to his personal life. He defiantly didn’t control his emotions because throughout the film he used a lot of emotion. He didn’t listen very well; instead he was being very stubborn only wanting to believe what he wanted to believe.
There were a lot of mistakes made by the jury in this movie. Most of the mistakes had to do with listening, keeping an open mind and controlling their emotions. If I was the attorney I wouldn’t want a lot of the Jurors in this because they broke a lot of the ten rules a juror should do. In the end of the film I belief they made the right decision by ruling not guilty. They took in the evidence and finally listened to each other, and opened up their minds a little to consider what the right ruling was for this boy.

Angry Men 8.3 of 10 on the basis of 979 Review.