10-K Project 2

10-K Project 2Regulation of greenhouse gas emissions could impose costs on our operations, the magnitude of which we cannot yet estimate. (pg.16)
If the comprehensive federal climate change legislation be enacted, it would have great impact on the company. As in the 10-K mentioned, "our landfill operations emit methane, identified as a greenhouse gas, and our vehicle fleet emits, among other things, carbon dioxide, which also is a greenhouse gas" (pg. 16). Even though, the company is in the process of converting to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), there are only 1,300 CNG out of the total of 15,000 active vehicles. The vehicle fleet is also subject to regulations by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The outcome is heavily weighted on initial cost, but would save fuel later on. The fleet conversion to CNG would also increase the upfront costs but provide the company a competitive advantage over its competitors when bidding for the contract with clean emission focused communities.

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10-K Project

10-K Project
This project is designed to improve your skills as a strategy analyst. You will select and analyze a publicly-traded company of interest to you in the industry you are assigned to research. Publicly traded companies file their annual reports and disclosures with the SEC, and you will need to access these disclosures as part of your research. To insure that we don’t have overlap in the companies selected, please request permission from your team leader for approval of your company – do not begin your work until you have been given approval by your leader (not the SBU Manager). Your report will become part of our company library that will be shared will all the other employees in the firm – so of course you will do your best work.

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10-K Integration Project - Analyst Preparation Assignment

10-K Integration Project - Analyst Preparation Assignment1. Political: Changes in geopolitical and geo-economics conditions.

Ross 10-K didn’t really discuss any political influence in the PESTEL theory instead it acknowledges the risks that affect the large retailers operating in the USA.

2. Economy: Ross target customers are primarily from middle income households.

Ross stores are mostly located in the urban and suburban areas and since their target is primarily from middle income household, they have a price stability of selling their merchandise 20-60 percent below other retail markup prices which gives them a competitive advantage in the market.

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10 K Integration Paper- Southwest

10 K Integration Paper- Southwest
Pursuant to the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (“ATSA”), the Transportation Security Administration (the “TSA”), a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is responsible for certain civil aviation security matters. Actual or threatened war, terrorist attacks, and political instability. Pg. 32
Southwest like most airline companies are pitted against worldwide oil consumptions. The political ties against this include numerous factors such as foreign imports, growing worldwide demand, government regulations and taxes, and refining capacity, which can be tied into fare costs. Political instability in areas of the world such as the Middle East can have the affect of driving up oil prices and increase the expense of already 38% of southwest balance sheet for oil costs. While also facing worldwide increase in demand for natural resources such as China.

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10 Facts About Money

10 Facts About Money * Discuss which of the 10 surprising facts about money impacts you most significantly and why.
* Out of the 10 surprising facts about money, I found number 8 to be the most disturbing. The Fed creates money by changing a number in the computer system. What is stopping the Fed from wiping out the deficit in the system by merely changing a number in the system to reflect being in the Black instead of Being in the Red. The money has to come from somewhere else and I understand it is through the purchase of Government Securities, but I do not see how much that affects the money that is being circulated in the economy..

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10 Examples Provided

10 Examples ProvidedProfiting from genocide and turning a blind eye to it is one thing, but only one organization has committed what can be called genocide for the sake of industry. Founded in 1885, by Leopold II, King of the Belgians, the Congo Free State garnered control over areas now known as the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi through a non-governmental organization, the Association Internationale Africaine. Leopold had acquired the Congo at the Berlin Conference of 1884, which was to regulate the European colonization of Africa.

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What Is Burger King’s Core Competency?

What Is Burger King’s Core Competency? Burger King ® was founded by James McLamore and David Edgerton in 1954. The Burger King® system operates approximately 12,000 restaurants in all 50 states and in 73 countries and U.S. territories worldwide (Burger King, 2013). Our text defines a core competency as a special outlook, skill, capability or technology that runs through the firm’s operations, weaving together disparate vale activities into an integrated value chain (Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan, 2011). Based on this definition I believe Burger King’s core competencies are the driving sales and traffic in the US and Canada, accelerating international development, aggressively pursuing refranchising opportunities and maintaining strong focus on corporate-level cost structure.

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Week Economics Essay

 Week Economics EssayDiscuss the different types of unemployment
Frictional Unemployment
This is unemployment is due to the natural frictions that occur within an economy. This is caused by changing conditions and is represented by qualified individuals with transferable skills who change jobs. An example of this is an individual who has just came out of a temporary contract with a construction firm and is now searching for another job.

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Using Airlines

	Using Airlines Buyers’ bargaining power in oil industry is low as there is no price sensitivity and the concentration is very high. Buyers are industrial players and have low power because upstream suppliers can control supply and consequently prices.
In Airlines the concentration, the volume of the single buyer, switching costs and the backward integration are low while substitutability is high. Buyers are more price sensitive, except for business travelers who are price-intensive.

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When Michael Dell began selling computers directly out of his University of Texas dorm room in the early 1980s, he had the right idea at the right time. Quality, convenience and low cost were the right idea, and the early 1980s was the right time -- the purchase and use of personal computers was growing at an exponential rate. In those early years, Michael Dell financed his operations by borrowing money from friends and by using credit cards. Then, as a means of raising funds to promote company growth, Dell sold stock to the public in 1988. Thirteen years later, Dell Corporation had annual sales of over $32 billion and profit of more than $2 billion.