10 Facts About Money

10 Facts About Money * Discuss which of the 10 surprising facts about money impacts you most significantly and why.
* Out of the 10 surprising facts about money, I found number 8 to be the most disturbing. The Fed creates money by changing a number in the computer system. What is stopping the Fed from wiping out the deficit in the system by merely changing a number in the system to reflect being in the Black instead of Being in the Red. The money has to come from somewhere else and I understand it is through the purchase of Government Securities, but I do not see how much that affects the money that is being circulated in the economy..
* Discuss the probable impact of society as a whole if the 10 facts about money and banking were clearly understood by everyone in the country. Provide specific examples showing what might be different. Given the facts presented, how have your views about money changed?

If everyone knew, the impact of the 10 facts people would be much more conservative than they are these days. The financial crisis of 2008 may not have ever happened. Banks would not have leant money to people that could not afford to make payments on a house. The banks would have understood the great risks they were taking by lending the money to these people and that the prices of houses would eventually drop to realistic prices again. With everything that has transpired over the past few years it has prevented me from purchasing a home.

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