Steve Jobs

Steve JobsThis article is about Steve jobs and apple appear to embrace on the marketing concept. When Jobs took over the reigns of the company as CEO in 1997, his goal was to restructure the company based on a vision that would position Macintosh as the center of a digital hub for complementary products and services. In terms of developing a strategic vision as its related to marketing, below are some of the key takeaways to consider from apple when formulating a long-term strategy for success. By recognizing such trends as digital consumerism and that the PC industry was becoming highly commoditisized. Jobs was able to visualize a strategy for a product that met consumer needs. When research pointed to fact that apple was losing market share and cannibalizing sales due to their strict licensing policy, Jobs ventured out to contract with Microsoft to develop core products. Through utilizing creative campaigns and non-tradititonal advertising channels for the Mav brand , apple embaked on a truly unique differtiation strategy, which helped grow brand awareness. Although the steps outlined above contain all the makings of an impressive strategic marketing plan, it is important to keep In mind that strategic planning is only as effective as a companys’s ability to implement a strategy. By following a Schumpetarian model of creative destruction and focusing on the needs of the consumers rather than how to just improve upon an existing product, apple was able to continuously re-think its product line and invent new products that re-defined the traditional boundaries of the market. Innovation allows for companies to capitalize on the first mover advantage resulting in the realization of high up-front market share and profit margins.

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