2.2 Identify Policies and Procedures in the Work Setting for Information Sharing

2.2 Identify Policies and Procedures in the Work Setting for Information Sharing2.2 Identify policies and procedures in the work setting for information sharing.
Every setting should have policies that encourage effective and clear communication when sharing information. Policies and procedures should include policies relating to multi-agency working, managing transition from one setting to another and ensuring continuity of care between settings and carers.
All policies should be available to those who need to know basis and they may be shared with colleagues, parents, carers and other settings as well as with other agencies and services.
The main point is:
• The staffs at the work setting needs to be aware that they cannot keep secrets with a child. When you record your information about the child write it exactly how they said and not what you think. You can share the information with manager, head care worker, or head teacher.
• Well Being: Adult and child need to be safe and for whatever reason keep your information secret. The wrong person could receive the information and put the adult and child’s safety at risk.
• Every matter relating to safe guarding is confidential.
• The staffs at the work settings need to know that they have professional responsibility to share information with other agencies in order to safe guard children.
• The head of the centre or the designated member of staff will disclose any information about child to other member of staff on a need to know basis only.
• All the staff at the work setting aim to ensure that all the parents and carers can share their information with confidence that will be used to enhance the welfare of their children
• Development records ( observation, planning ,photographs,….) are confidential ,and the parents have access if it’s required .
• Personal records ( name, address ,admissions form) are also confidential .
• Welfare requirement (medical condition) are confidential and don not share it with others parents.
• Accident records/ incidents reports: You have to keep records for all situations date and time
• Parents’ consent for sharing information: You can share information with parents but it depends on the information e.g. if the child needs speech therapists, you would need to talk to the parent how you and parent can work together to help the child.

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