What responsibility?

What responsibility?Be a responsible college students
Dear teacher, dear students
Hello everybody!
My topic today is "to be a responsible college students," we college students should do?Is a responsible college students do!
What responsibility?Responsibility is in its place, do their duties, do their fair share of things and obligations.Responsibility?Responsibility is that you do not do their part, should assume their fault.Lincoln learned that his responsibility is elected president, kneeling in prayer under the United States of America Map; that Lee found himself in the trial from the mistakes in vain to kill himself after Fa life to defend the criminal law to pull off.It is the responsibility of contemporary college students what?- Is doing to their students as a part, a qualified outstanding students, not just for themselves, but also for parents, teachers, social ... ... the motherland
Why do we do that a responsible college students do?Because the responsibility is to our people, their lives, never down the Great Wall; is my brilliant Chinese civilization gave birth to fertile farmland; is my strong foundation of China among the nations!And we are the future!When we have taken up the responsibility!
We are China's history is a history of generations of the Chinese nation.For thousands of years, Chinese people with endless responsibilities, earth-shattering, miracles, and to promote social development in our history: Dayu, a Tale in, figure repeat itself hastily; sustained castration, Qian endure pain, "the poorthe occasion of Heaven, through past to present. "" historians Masterpiece "grand repeat itself; Humenxiaoyan, Lin Chinese cast my dignity, and looked majestic repeat itself!Because the responsibility of pointing Jiangshan Mao, poly Peoples of the heart, exalted; as responsibility, Deng Xiaoping, the Sea, opened the door of reform and opening up; as responsibility, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao future, ignite the fire of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation ... ... Yes, as long as we dare to bearresponsibility, and I can not help the Chinese landscape rich in beauty, national prosperity, social progress and people's happiness?
Today, living in a so beautiful, so lovely country, we have no witnesses when the ubiquitous party and the government's responsibility to the people's responsibility.No time everywhere feel proud, and be moved to tears!Do not you see, building a socialist harmonious society and scientific development strategy is stepping up the implementation of the great; in the past 2008 years, we use the passion and five years of rich history and culture, held a unmatched in the Olympics, so China'sname across the world; in the sudden heinous "Wenchuan Earthquake" catastrophe for us, we have seen from the central to local levels of government, leaders at all levels, on all fronts of the highly responsible attitude towards the people; we seegroups of young officers and soldiers who rushed to the front, take up the task of relief, home to disregard their own lives, the countless lives from the "death zone" to save them, let them go again, "an oasis of life," the touching stories.Have such a responsible government, responsible for such men, there is the people responsible for what reason ... ... We can suspect that it?Facts have proved that: once created numerous miracles of the Chinese government and people to overcome disaster, Wenchuan not cry!China do not cry!
However, in building a socialist harmonious society on the road, especially in this era of cross-flow of the material world, our sense of national morality has shown a downward trend: a flag-raising after the Tiananmen Square to stay in the mountains of garbage; public placesuncivil society hidden dangers image and increase ... ... Yes, we lost some of the responsibility.Let us imagine it, if the lack of accountability for all and everyone to give up responsibility, we will be living in a kind of world?Land will be barren, factories will be closed down, disease will run rampant, social unrest will, the state will decline.No responsible person without that, no responsibility is difficult to statehood.
Today, we have a sense of responsibility should be a generation, because we are young college students, is the hope and future of the motherland and shoulder the important task of building the motherland a better future, Liang said Mr.: it is the responsibility of today, not others, and allin my youth.Junior countries, wisdom, young then national wealth; youth are strong, the country, youth is an independent national independence; young liberty national liberty, progress of the young country progress; young is better than Europe, better than the European countries, young males in the earthState hung on the planet.
In this great era, a high responsibility to our young college students when the fall on the head.We should aspire to be a responsible person, conscientiously study and arm themselves with knowledge of the brain, to become the pillars of the country, serving the community for the benefit of the people.We should have a choice, choose responsibility, something, to be a responsible student, with a lifetime responsibility to create a more brilliant Chinese!
My speech to this end, thank you!

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