Comment On Your Initial Impression Of Major Gle

Comment On Your Initial Impression Of Major Gle1. Comment on your initial impression of Major Glendinning. Use references from the text to back up your answer.


My initial impressions of Major Glendinning involve a mix of loathing at his apparent British upper-class snobbery and yet an admiration at how he appears to run his charges, as one with the responsibility on Glendinnings shoulders should most likely do.

1st Example highlights point 1.
Glendinning is a major in the British Army. As we have learned from the book, one can only make it into the higher ranks of the army if one is from the higher ranks of society. This upper-class upbringing shines through in his remarks about the rank-and-file of the army he commands, these “illiterate peasants, rascals and schoolboys”. These remarks clearly display a prejudicial view of the lower classes of the society in which he was reared and one that would not belong in the 21st century thinking to which I am accustomed.

2nd example highlights point 2
However, I must take account of the fact that Glendinning is not of this century, but was a soldier in the first world war. As such, he is a man with responsibilities. Our initial meeting with Glendinning in the book shows I believe, a man that is acting according to his role requirements and not only to his social upbringing. He needs discipline and intends to make soldiers out of these “bunch of incompetents” and doesn’t need the “non-starters” joining up. He is obviously concerned about training a competent army and feels it is his duty and responsibility as a major to do so, a quality that must be somewhat admired.


Our first meeting with Glendinning is brief, but in that we see a character that is not there to be liked, but to be almost admired for his devotion to duty. It remains to be seen as to whether this sense of limited admiration will hold.

2. Alec is enlisted as an officer in the army, while Jerry is a private. Comment on how this difference in rank has changed their relationship, if at all.

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