1) Discuss How The Above Extract Can Be Seen As Th

1) Discuss How The Above Extract Can Be Seen As Th
A turning point is a twist, a transformation. The major reason why the extract can be seen as the turning point is that we can see that the protagonist of the novel, Ralph is going through drastic changes, both emotionally and in his actions. In this essay, I will further discuss about how Golding uses different techniques to portray the significant and distinctive changes in this extract.
The extract is opened with Jack, shouting, giving command. It may symbolize that Jack, who is the antagonist of the novel has taken the power of the protagonist and become the chief of the boys. While Robert, who is one of the littluns is ‘squealed’ in ‘terror’ and ‘pain’ and he has to act as the monster to be ran after and caught by the other boys.
The climax of the extract is on line 8. We can see that Ralph, who is once representing civilized society and has the sense of logic and reasoning is overwhelmed by the ‘excitement’ of hunting, hunting Robert not even the pig or the monster. Regardless Robert is a human, Ralph ‘grabs’ the spear and ‘jabs’ Robert with it. This foreshadows that the power of Ralph’s power and authority as the leader of the boys will be totally taken away by Jack. Besides, it also symbolizes the total decline of civilization among the boys and the welcoming of savagery and wildness.
Down to the middle of the extract, it is seen that the whole group of boys have gone into savage. They are wild as creatures in the nature as there is no longer any rule and order in the group as the one who represents civilization has also descended into the power of savage and ‘too’ is fighting and hunting with the other boys.
In the middle of the extract, there is a line which Golding will like to highlight which he has written it in italics. The line does not only catch the attention of the readers but also create the savage imagery of boys. The phrase “Kill the pig” is repeated to emphasize how hard the boys want to kill the pig and show their masculinity and their ability to hunt.
The group of boys has no longer got any qualities that they get when they live in the civilized society. Instead of pitying Robert being bullied, they ‘cheer’ and make ‘pig-dying noises’ while Robert is ‘panting’.
The most surprising is that the boys regard that the frightening attack is a game. Perhaps, it is ‘a good game’. Although Ralph does not want to agree with the other boys, due to conformity and peer pressure, he agrees that it is a ‘game’, uneasily.
Through the careful choice of diction, Golding has successfully portrayed the increasing violence and savagery among the group and the decline of civilization and orders as Ralph, the representation of civilization has been ‘overmastered’ by the will to get the ‘brown and vulnerable flash’ and ‘excitement’ of hunting.
The scene can be regarded as a ‘turning point’ in the novel because no matter the attitude, behavior, speech, acts of the protagonist, antagonist and the hunters have proved that they have totally declined into savagery and violent while civilization and law and order no longer exist in the group of boys anymore. Through Golding’s use of choice of diction, direct and indirect characterization, syntax, etc we can see that there is a total transformation of the boys.

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