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My Website
The advertisement I chose came from Popular Mechanics, June 2012 edition. The name of the advertisement is 1 & 1 MY WEBSITE. I believe the advertisement is effective because it is helping business owners build a website easily. As stated in the ad, building a business website is easy. The group making the claims is a member of united internet. The targeted audience is business people who are looking to put their business on the Internet.
In the advertisement, an individual can see how easy it is to obtain this website and what is included in your package. It is very easy to read and understand. There is a laptop toward the bottom of the page and four boxes above showing you how to get online. The first box is for you to select the type of business you own and it shows what the looks like on the web. The second box wants you to choose your color scheme the third one wants you to customize your design. You cannot see the words to read what it states in the third box, because that is not their intention. They want you to know what the page looks like, so you will know you are at the right place. The last box tells you that you are Online. On the right side of the advertisement it tells you no matter what type of business you have, 1 & 1MyWebsite comes with customizable industry designs, making it easy to create the perfect website for your business.
Underneath this it tells you exactly what is included in you package, so you are not mislead. Your package will include, Free Domain with Private Registration Keeps your personal information confidential. 200 Professional E-Mail Addresses [email protected] Shopping Cart - Sell products on your website. Highlighted in yellow it states that No software installation or web design experience required. There is nothing hidden in this advertisement. It is simple and anyone can use it very easily.
The only thing I do not like about the advertisement is the fact it does not include the price of their services and sometimes when it is not stated it can be expensive. This is how businesses sometimes get you to use their products. If they would have at least given the consumer an introductory price, for using their product for first time users, it would have made the advertisement more successful in their sales. The color scheme is done very well. The background is blue and it allows the inserts to stand out, so the consumer can read and see exactly what it states. To find out about their website, they included their phone number, which is 1-877-461-2631 or you can visit their website at
The claim the advertisement is making is that they have the best websites for business owners. They show you how easy it is to obtain their product and you do not have to be computer literate to run your own website. I believe it can be helpful for those who do not know much about technology, I know how I was when I first started using the computer and it can be overwhelming when you do not understand what you are doing. For those just starting out, it can help them to gain confidence with their business and the knowledge they can obtain with their product. It gives you all the details, except for the price. They do include the information you need to contact them. It can be hard for small businesses when they first start out, and it can be beneficial for them when there are companies that offer their services at a reasonable price.

We all know the situation our economy is facing and nothing is promised. So, in order for businesses to succeed, they need to take advantage of companies like this, or a company that meets their budget. All in all, I believe this advertisement was well – displayed and it gave most of the pertinent information for the consumer. The words were not too small and they were easy to understand. The color scheme was eye – catching and it made the reader pay attention to the advertisement, even if the individual was not interested in this service provided by this company. ("1&1mywebsite," 2012)

1&1mywebsite (2012, June) Popular Mechanics, 189(No.6), 05 DOI:

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