100% American

100% American The article “100% American” by Ralph Linton says a lot of how the foundation of the American culture was formed. The article hints as America being a melting pot, but in reality it really is not such. Some of the countries mentioned are not immigrants of America so the culture was not brought over. America rather is the modernized version of ancient culture. They take a “bed built on a pattern which originated in the Near East but which was modified in Northern Europe.” While using an item from the Near East and having it modified to be more progressive and up to date to get the full use out of it. The American uses an animal from Eastern Asia and uses a Northern Europe way to cook it. Theses examples just go to show that the Americans do not just accept all cultures, rather take their ideas and differ them to meet their needs. They are sort of historians in their knowledge of how Ancient cultures did daily activities, using them in their own way. While obtaining these different cultures, American culture shows pure ethnocentrism. This is very obvious in the last line of the article when Linton says, “As he absorbs the account of foreign troubles he will, if he is a good conservative citizen, thank a Hebrew deity in a Indo-European language that he is 100 percent American.” The American is thankful for the previous cultures for showing him ways, but he finds their flaws and fixes them. He feels as if his culture is better than all others, for he has combined all well from the world and fixed their blemishes to create the American culture.

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