This an Olmec colossal head created by the Olmec. This head is located in san Lorenzo, which is the oldest Olmec settlement. All Olmec heads portray mature men with fleshy cheeks, flat noses, and slightly crossed eyes; their physical characteristics correspond to a type that is still common among the inhabitants of Tabasco and Veracruz. It is also believed that the Olmec head represented a priest and was used for worship
La Venta Tobasco is the home to this Olmec tomb. These basalt columns were transported many miles for two reasons, to make fences around sacred areas, and also to be used in making buildings. This building is a tomb, and it housed two coffins filled with luxurious offerings such as jade, serpentine, obsidian, manta ray spines, shark teeth, and hematite. This structure was built before 400B.C

This animal head located in Chavin de Huantar was created aroun900B.C. The human and animal features of the sculpture show how the chavin believed nature was scacred.

Also located in Chavin de Huantar, this temple was built around 800B.C. The temple is constructed of many types of stones and is supported by small pillars in its middle. The purpose of the structure is to store value artifacts that are important to the Chavin

This Zapotec pyramid is located in Monte Alban and was created and was believed to be created in 700 BC. The pyramid is constructed of deep stairwells and pillars. The pyramids were used to store valuable objects and burry great rulers.

This Zapotec Ball field is also located in Monte Alban and built around 700 BC. Similar to modern stadiums the ball field has to slanted walls on each side and an arrow field in the middle. The field was used to play sports and preform sacrifices.

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