OlmecThis an Olmec colossal head created by the Olmec. This head is located in san Lorenzo, which is the oldest Olmec settlement. All Olmec heads portray mature men with fleshy cheeks, flat noses, and slightly crossed eyes; their physical characteristics correspond to a type that is still common among the inhabitants of Tabasco and Veracruz. It is also believed that the Olmec head represented a priest and was used for worship
La Venta Tobasco is the home to this Olmec tomb. These basalt columns were transported many miles for two reasons, to make fences around sacred areas, and also to be used in making buildings. This building is a tomb, and it housed two coffins filled with luxurious offerings such as jade, serpentine, obsidian, manta ray spines, shark teeth, and hematite. This structure was built before 400B.C

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Communication Myth Incolonial Conquest

Communication Myth Incolonial ConquestThis myth is a classical display of a clash of two big real big egos amongst Great War lords; Cortez the conquistador and the Mexican emperor Moctezuma. There are different recorded accounts of the gestures they made to each when they first met. Each account mentions a tension between each other and each other trying to establish one as being more important than the other person. Whether it is Moctezuma warding of Cortés hand shake offer, just so he can offer his hand shake first, or Cortes looking at the King in his eye, while the King bowed to him. Each leader is trying to convey to the other his authority and at the same time display mutual respect for each other. One can say each text that recorded the encounter is biased towards Moctezuma or Cortes. The Natuatl text of course is being biased towards Moctezuma, and the Diaz-Gomara text is biased towards Cortes.

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Tolerance of Milk in Humans

Tolerance of Milk in Humans Although modern-day humans have existed for what seems like a second in the evolutionary timetable, it is amazing to think that lactose tolerance has only existed for ~7,000 years at best. Most Americans regard lactose as being very crucial in their well-beings and work hard to incorporate lactose intake into their diets; this is the same lactose that is absent in the diets of millions upon millions of people around the world; this isn’t true because lactose doesn’t cater to those people’s tastes, but rather because lactose isn’t tolerated amongst all those populations.

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World History Essay

World History Essay
Settlers in early China, Nubia, Mesoamerica, and Central America had to be patient when it came to building a withstanding civilization due to the challenges to their ever- changing environments. Overwhelming hot and cold temperatures, rugged soil, and natural barriers withheld the people from developing a sustainable agricultural system, and therefore caused them to seek other survival methods.
China for instance, is surrounded by the Himalaya mountains on the southwest, the Tian mountains and the Takla Makan Desert on the west, and the Gobi Desert and grassy plains on the Mongolian steppe on the northwest. There is also the Pacific Ocean on the east. As a result of these natural obstacles, China relied on the trade between China, India, and Central Asia for jade, ivory and pearl which was very useful.

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