Varying Activity Preferences

Varying Activity PreferencesThere are many ways you can manage your stress , I have chosen three ways to manage my stress. I Chose Walking for my physical activity , breathing for my Relaxation Technique , and Music for my Multi-media activitie. All three of the activities i chose helped me to manage my stress.
My physical activity was walking , when i would get stress I would go for a long walk. when walking i would calm down.Walking would aslo help me to take my mind of what was stressing me.While walking i would also start to feel better about myself.
The relaxation technique i chose to help me manage stress was breathing. Taking a deep breathe would help me to relax. Breathing can work anywhere and at anytime you need to breathe to relax and stop stressing.
Another way i managed stress was listening to music this is a form of a Multi-media activitie. Listening to music would help to relieve stress. Music would take my mind off the stress and help me to think about good things. Also Music would help me to become in a better mood. I would be happy when listening to music.
In The Time of stress i would use music or walking. i would chose one those because they helped me manage stress better than just breathing. Music and walking would help me to calm down , feel better about myself , and take my mind off of what the stressing situation was. If I hab to choose out of the two i would chose music and then walking.

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