Different Reasons Why People Communicate.


1.1 Different reasons why people communicate.

Communication will take place between adults or children. In a setting good communication is essential to ensure continual care and supervision of the children. People communicate for many different reasons, such as:

To give and receive information,

To give and receive instructions,

To express needs,

To share ideas,

Develop learning,

Establish and maintain relationships with others,


Discuss a situation,

To make a point or outline a concern.

To understand and be understood.

1.2 How effective communication affects all aspects of own work.

Effective communication is important to meet the needs of the children. To ensure effective teamwork and continual care of the children we must communicate well by keeping each other informed and aware of current situations going on around us. Communication involves Verbal (talking) and Non Verbal (non talking) communication. To be able to communicate effectively you need to try and consider their point of view and be very clear on what you are talking about and make sure the other person understands what you are talking about. The benefits I will have of effective communication in my work role will be my relationship with the children and their parents and the relationship with my work colleagues.
With children you need to get down to their level to speak to them and make eye contact. Use open ended questions such as Who, What, Why, Where and When. Give the child time to take in what you are asking of them and encourage them to tell you what you are wanting them to do. Understand their point of view and use age appropriate language. Make sure you use positive body language and show them respect by how and where you talk to them. By doing all of this they will develop trust in you and feel respected, this will make it easier for them to communicate back to you, It will also make them feel safe in their environment and have a positive reaction wit their learning.
With parents there is different ways of communicating such as email, on the phone, face to face and in home communication books. Use positive body language, this will show that you are listening and be very clear about what you are saying. Give them time to take in what you are telling them and show them respect. When a parent communicates with you respond as quickly as you can. Make sure use the right form of communication and if its confidential then choose the right place to communicate. The benefits of the right sort of communication with the parents is the respect they will feel and that you value their children. If you are prepared to give the time and effort to listen to the parents your relationship will develop more positively. If you are communicating effectively with the parents then their children's learning and development will also benefit.
With colleagues you need to communicate on a regular basis so everyone is up to date with any situations, changes and tasks of the day. Be clear on what you are trying to say and make sure the other person understands what you are trying to tell them. If you are talking about something confidential then make sure you talk in an appropriate area. Always try and understand their point of view even if you don’t agree. Always use positive body language and give the other person time to listen and respond. The benefits of effective communication with colleagues would mean that the children will learn and develop better, it will be a safer environment and also it will help you develop professionally.

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