12 Angry Men

12 Angry MenIn the movie 12 Angry Men there are several people who could be considered a hero. Some would say that the true hero was Juror Number 6, who first doubted the guiltiness of the young man; some would say it was the Foreman who kept relative order in the room; however, Juror Number 7 should definitely not be overlooked. Number 7, along with contributing an important piece of knowledge, was the one who stopped the delivery of the guilty verdict, he was the first to vocally agree with Juror Number 6.
Juror Number 6 was without a doubt one of the most important men in the room, but without the help of Juror Number 7 the guilty verdict would have been given to the judge. Number 7 was the first true believer; he went out on a limb, in wanting to find the truth, when he could have very easily anonymously voted guilty and they could have been done with the situation. Basically, Number 7 gave Number 6 support; he changed the tables so it wasn’t so one sided, and he gave Number 6 the chance to convince other people. After everyone voted it became obvious that they would need to discuss the situation. He opened up the table for Juror Number 6, giving him the chance to convince everyone else. Juror 7 saved the whole process himself by being open to new ideas and questioning what he knew.
Not only did Juror Number 7 save the argument of Juror Number 6, his attention to detail and his observation skills ended up helping to convince the rest of the men that the defendant may not be guilty. Juror 7 noticed the indents on the face of Juror Number 3, due to his glasses, and along with the rest of the panel pieced together that the woman who observed the murder most likely wore glasses. They concluded that she was probably not wearing them at night due to fact that they are uncomfortable and painful. They made the conclusion based on his facts that the information from the lady was inadmissible. This piece of evidence could definitely be considered one of the most important conclusions in the whole deliberation.
Juror 7 proves in this film that even the most unlikely, shy, and even feeble people, can make a difference. He entered the room with an opinion; however he was open to new ones, and when the time came he would make the difference. Based on the fact that he saved the argument of Juror 6, and that he provided one of the key pieces of evidenced in the deciding, Juror 7 was the hero of 12 Angry Men.

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