Procrastination“Procrastination”. Many studies were made about procrastination, explaining a detailed analysis between intention and action. A Canadian psychologist, Timothey Pychyl, whom studies shows that "it is always about choice” when it comes to the subject of procrastination.

This research is relevant to us, not only has procrastination increased, but it is starting to result in a rise in unemployment as well. Report expresses that now more than ever employers are evaluating their employees to see if work is getting done in an appropriate time frame.

For example, psychologist Pier Steels developed two factors, "How much fun this particular job is and what it means to you and your future". The more the task the less likelihood you would procrastinate. In all reality there would come a point in time where your boss assigns you a task that is not your favorite. What are your chances of completing it? This begins the process of procrastination. It has become a time consuming aspect in one's everyday life to where it affects relationship and work. In which it becomes a stress to your life.

Psychologist Stessor takes a different view in procrastination, "The Procrastination Equation". It explains Utility =E x V/I x D. An alternative way of describing this equation, how likely one is to delay depends on one's confidence multiplied by the importance /fun of a given task divide by how badly you need the reward multiplied by how easily distracted you are. This goes to show that 20 to 25 percent of us are procrastinators this day and time. Technology now a day gives us more and more distraction's which result in more reasons to procrastinate.

In my own experience as a student, I find myself to be a little bit of a procrastinator on some areas that might not intrigue me. For example, projects that is due in my classes of accounting, business law and psychology. My preference of integument first would have to be psychology, business law and accounting. That is my form of procrastinating to put my accounting class last because it does not intrigue me as much as the other classes. A solution to my procrastination would be to put my least favorite in the middle of both of my favorite classes. This is my way of dealing with procrastination this semester.

A conclusion to procrastination before us our ancestors lived in a world without delays. They learned to value the now more then later in order to survive. We should take that same kind of mentality as an advantage for today's world. Distractions surround all of us, prolonging our personal achievements or even being evaluated on our ability to stay focused. A quote to remember by psychologist Steel " we misjudge the importance of a task because it's still not due until the future".

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