“The Gambia Is A Country With A Youthful Population Is This A Problem”?

“The Gambia Is A Country With A Youthful Population Is This A Problem”?Wherever you look in The Gambia you see children and very few adults this is because the population in the Gambia has more women than men which means more women will be reproducing children. The Gambia birth rate is 40 which mean it has a very wide population pyramid base. The infant mortality rate is 75/1000. There are very few people who live over 70 and the life expectancy is 53 for females and 57 for males. So as the life expectancy is so low many people want to have lots of children so they can live life to the full. It is expected that in 2050 the birth rate will double every 32 years which will affect the base of the pyramid to be even bigger because of the high dependency ratio. Also the fertility rate is 7 which means on average the Gambia women have on average 7 children in their life time this a huge amount.
The reason why the Gambia has such a youthful population is because 95% of the population is Muslim. This may not allow people to openly talk to their parents or elders about contraception and therefore have unprotected sex which will have a high risk in the women getting pregnant also having sexually transmitted diseases. Further more many religious teachers disagree with contraception which means that women have no control in how many children they want or can afford. One theory is that people have children so they can work on the farm and provide an income to help support the family if they live in a rural area. The education is very poor in woman as only 615 of girls go to primary school and ¾ women are unable to write. This means that the next generation will not be bale to get jobs and provide and income. More children are working to fund their family and to keep them alive 1 in 3 children between age 10 and 14 works, this may be on a farm or in the local community they have to sacrifice their education so they can survive and live. As the population grows many trees are being cut down and 2/3 of the forest in the Gambia has been destroyed due to building new houses and grazing of animals.
Having a youthful population cause many problems in the community and on the government. One of the main problems is many of the population have large families. Many families consist of 2 wives’ and 13 children but they cannot move house as they can not afford it and there is no space for a new house. To reduce the amount of large families in the Gambia they can introduce contraception, this would control the amount of children being produced and also reduce HIV/AIDS, which could cut down on the money supplied to the sexually transmitted disease each year by healthcare and hospitals. With the introduction to contraception the government could provide education for girls about this topic so they are more knowledgeable and have sex when they are older instead of very young in their lives. The government could also reduce the amount of large families by reducing the infant mortality rate and the maternal mortality rate this may mean better healthcare in hospitals. With the introduction to condoms they have set up an ABC program which adervites this contraception. They also sue social marketing which is where people go out to the local villages and supply the doctors and people with contraception this means that even poorer people can still use them as many people find them expensive. To create more awareness about this many local radio stations talk about this issue and local television channels contain adverts advertising the pill and the condom. This way more people will use it and therefore fewer children will be born.

Another problem is that the government doesn’t have enough money to build basic infrastructure such as unpaved roads because they are spending it on facilities such as new schools to accommodate the growing youthful population. This creates bad transport links from one town to another. This may result in low food trade which will not supply the growing population with enough food. As there are so many people living a small area the food supply will be low so many people may end of starving, if they are in a large family and many mouths to feed or malnourished. This is a common problem in The Gambia as there is a narrow range of food and many children and adults are lacking in essential vitamins such as protein and fibre as they will only eat rice each day.
As the town grows the government has to extend the town to accommodate the population by building new houses and flats, this may result in deforestation. Deforestation may limit the jobs that people living in rural areas or on the borders of the town as they have cut down their main supply to build the houses from the wood. Also the impact on the environment could change as many trees are cut down the carbon dioxide levels could increase which could cause a greater affect to global warming. They have reduced this by launching a forest saving program where promoters of this campaign go out toe villages and town and persuade them to not cut down the trees and to think carefully about their resources they do this through music to make it more fun for the children. The government have also emplaced certain areas of the forest illegal for animals grazing and some parts are conserved and protected by the government. It has become more worry as the town and the population is increasing there is a bigger risk in the future to keep in place these protected areas.
Another problem in the Gambia is keeping all the children in good health. Many children die before the y reach their 5th birthday which means the Gambia has a high infant mortality rate. To reduce this the government have introduced vaccinations so all new babies that are born undergo several vaccinations to protect them form harmful diseases. They also have collected funding to refurbish hospitals so they are clean and tidy and hygienic. When a woman is pregnant they take a course in counselling so they learn to space their births apart so their body can recover.

Many facts and figures show that the introduction to contraception has lowered the birth-rate from 4.2% in 1993 to 3% in 2005. This is huge improvement and shows that the methods of introducing contraception have worked. Also many people are talking more openly about it more so children can talk to their parents about it. Also many Islamic teachers are agreeing to the concept which sets a role model for the other people to follow. As well as the birth rate decreasing the population growth has also decreased to 3% which is also very good. These decreases mean that the government have more money spend. They also do not have to accommodate for everlasting growing population. This means that today’s children will have a better quality of life when they have their children also it means they have more opportunity of having a job and providing an income for their family both female and male.
Some people may disagree with these approaches and feel the government are not putting in enough effort to change the problems as money is a big concern. Many problems haven’t been addressed such as general sanitation of the population and no running water. This is basic things everybody needs to live a good life and if this is not in place many people will not live long. The government need to try and give people who live in rural areas electricity and running water and their hospitals are clean and hygienic. This way not so many people will die at an early age and the live expectancy which is currently at 53 for female and 57 for male will go over 70 hopefully.

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