“What Would You Prefer: A Man Or A Woman Boss?” Essay

“What Would You Prefer: A Man Or A Woman Boss?” EssayThe Time when women have to burn their bras to pay attention to their rights passed away. Nowadays, it is not surprising to have a female boss. Woman can supervise big companies, occupy high positions. Now it gives rise to the question: who is a better boss? Woman or man?
Think twice before making a decision. That is what women usually do. They are rational thinkers. They are responsible and consider the pros and cons before doing something. A typical female boss will not put her employees and company welfare on the line if she is not sure, that it will bring some benefits. A typical male boss is more inclined to take a risk. Some situations require making quick decisions, without thinking all facts over and then a man’s way of thinking turns out to be useful.
There is another trait: empathizing with someone’s situation is doubtless a woman’s realm. They have an ability to read the others emotions and make good relationships. They help make a positive atmosphere at workplace and to deal with conflicts. Woman are aimed at open discussions. Generally they work more into people and men into tasks. A man’s style of maganament characterizes a goal orientation and focusy on assignments.
The next matter is that a woman is still struggling to have a carrer. Because of that, when they get to the top they become stronger, resistant to stress and more determined. What it more, even then female bosses work harder to prove their own superiority. But on the other hand man, theyn possess a very important feature, they don’t have problems with delegating taks. A woman usually prefers to do things by themselves.
There are lots of adventages of woman management but as another point of view, female bosses can be too emotianal, too conservative or too moody. The same is with man maganement. All those features are assigned to sexes, but it is generalising. Why man cannot possess female skills? It is hard to decide who is a better boss just based on the issue of sex. Insted of that, we should look at different criteria like knowledge, experiance or personality.

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