Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan
Objective: Putting awareness in people about healthy living and at the same time, letting them enjoy an invigorating drink.
Business Name: MinuTEA
Date: September 27, 2012
Place of Registration: Quezon City
Form of Organization: M.E.L.K. Corporation
Owners: Miguel Antonio, Ez Cardenas, Lean Ordinario, Kristian dela Pena

People nowadays prefer going to places where they can relax while enjoying a drink. An example of this is Starbucks. Why do people go there? It’s to drink a coffee-based drink while relaxing in a classy atmosphere. MinuTEA’s purpose is to serve invigorating drinks, in a minute, that contain calcium and antioxidants to people who want to relax while making them healthy in the same time. Plus, Milk Tea contains milk that could make those who drink it become taller or have a better sleep. It is of our advantage because universities like Ateneo de Manila University and Miriam College is in Katipunan Rd., where we plan to put up the business. Students are stressed and coincidentally, milk tea can relax you through its different ingredients.
A problem is that there are other milk tea shops that look classy or better around Quezon City and it would be a challenge for us to make our milk tea shop look better and make our milk tea taste better than that of the others. Of course, milk tea shops have separate recipes and ingredients for their milk tea, and it is our responsibility to make ours more satisfying to those who want different tastes.
* Basic Milk Tea
Seven o’clock Delight
* Milk Tea that is best served in the morning. Based from the normal English tea.
Three o’clock Habit
* Sweetened Milk Tea based on Jasmine Tea.
Night Relaxer
* Best served in the night. Milk Tea based on Chamomile tea. Hot or cold.
Slim in a Minute Tea
* Served with skimmed Milk. For those who want milk tea while on a diet. Improves the digestive system.
60 Minute Habit
* Served with different vegetables and herbs. A fantastic tasting beverage for people who rarely eat vegetables and herbs.
Lunch Break
* Iced Milk Tea based on Lemon tea.
Midnight Rise
* Milk tea mixed with caffeine for it to have an effect that will keep you awake.
Vanilla hour
* Vanilla flavoured milk tea
Lime time
* Milk tea with a dash of lime
* Our very own special recipe milk tea
Hangover rush (not served to minors)
* Milk tea mixed with desired choice of liquour
* Milk tea based on frappuccinos.
Strawberry Sunday
* Strawberry flavoured Milk tea. Served with chunks of strawberries.
Mango Monday
* Mango flavoured Milk tea. Served with slices of mango.
Tango Tuesday
* Tangerine flavoured milk tea. Served with a slice of orange.
Wicked Wednesday
* Mint flavoured milk tea.
Taro Thursday
* Ube flavoured milk tea. Served with teaspoon of ube.
Kiwi Friday
* Kiwi flavoured milk tea. Served with slices of Kiwi fruit.

Avocado Sabado
* Avocado flavoured milk tea. Served with chunks of avocado.


- People would be asked to choose between Cold or Hot Milk Tea, depending on their preferences.


- People would be asked to choose their fillers. Namely, Nata de Coco, gulaman, pearls, egg pudding, popping tapioca, and red bean.

- People would be asked to choose their sweetness level, which is how much they want it sweet. Its either 100% sweet, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0% sweet, if they want their milk tea to taste bland.

-Each order of tea is served with a complimentary pastry.

-For our new customers, who are not familiar with the milk tea business, our cashiers will recommend a tea based on your preference.

-We have a promo that gives a discount to the beverage with its corresponding time. Example, for Taro Thursday there’s a 10% discount on Thursday.


* To make sure that the customer enjoys his/her stay in MinuTEA
* To make sure that the tea given won’t have any bad side effects to the customer
* To make the customer relax
* To make the customer’s thirst quench while being healthy in the same time.

* Small P80.00
* Medium P90.00
* Large P100.00
* Additional P10 for extra fillers


If you notice, our products have certain times on their name. It is to serve a drink in relation to a certain time. For example, for Night Relaxer, it contains Chamomile Tea, which makes the person drinking it have a better sleep.

Potential Buyers:

Our buyers would be everyone that could drink. Any gender, male or female. No income level needed, as long as they can afford to buy our beverage.


Different milk tea shops like ZenTea, SereniTea, Moon Leaf, and etc. These milk tea shops are one of the most famous milk tea shops in Quezon City. ZenTea
sells its products depending on size and the certain tea. For example, for small caramel tea, they sell it for P70.00. SereniTea sells its products depending on size and the fillers. They sell their tea in an estimate of P140-P170. Moon Leaf has the most dull appearance but that doesn’t describe their tea. They sell their tea around P130-P170.

Method of Distribution:

1. Flyers
* We will make our own flyers that advertise the shop and its different features. We will go around Ateneo de Manila University or Miriam College, or the whole Quezon City giving out flyers to increase our buyers.

2. Tarpaulins
* We will create our own tarpaulin and display it around different places that people pass by often.

3. Websites
* We can create our own website or a Facebook page and we can advertise there.

Promotional Strategy:

We could pay someone famous to endorse our product. For example, we can ask a famous band to advertise our milk tea shop whenever they have concerts and such.

Materials Needed | Sources | Price | Name of Supplier |
1. 500 cups of Plastic Cups 2. 5 jars of Nata de Coco 3. 3 kilos of Gulaman 4. 5 kilos of Red Bean 5. 5 packs of Tapioca Poppers 6. 5 packs of Egg Pudding 7. 5 kilos of Ice 8. 10 boxes of Milk 9. Jasmine Tea 10. Chamomile tea 11. 4 boxes of Skimmed Milk 12. English Tea 13. Lemon Tea 14. 600 pieces of Plastic Straws | Plastic productionsNESTLE corporationPlastic productions | P50 per 100 cupsP80 per jarP50 per kiloP40 per kiloP50 per packP50 per packP30 per kiloP50 per boxP100P100P80 per boxP100P100P50 per 200 pieces | Jonathan Davis |

Equipment needed:
* Plastic Cover Maker
* Blender
* Water Heater

Job Personnel:

1. Manager
* In charge of the current branch he/she works on
* Make sure that the other workers are doing their job the right way
* Must be a former cashier or service crew.
* 18 years old and above
* Salary – P15, 000 a month.
2. Cashier
* The cashier will be in charge of the money.
* The cashier will handle giving the change of the customer
* The cashier is in charge of keeping the money given by the customer.
* The cashier will also tell the service crew what the name of the customer is and what the customer is having.
* Must be a graduate of high school and trustworthy.
* 18 years old and above
* Salary – P389.00 basic minimum wage + SSS + PhilHealth + Pag-Ibig a month.

3. Service Crew
* The service crew will be in charge of the milk tea being served.
* The service crew will mix the beverage and call the name of the respective customer.
* 18 years old and above
* Salary – P389.00 basic minimum wage + SSS + PhilHealth + Pag-Ibig a month.
This table below provides the cost of the different things needed in the shop.
Details | Cost |
Rent | P30,000 |
Salary * Manager * Cashier * 2 people for Service Crew | P15,000P50002 x P5000 |
Supplies | P33, 020 |
Advertising | P10, 000 |
Utilities ( Water and Electricity) | P30, 000 |
Other Expenses | P20, 000 |
TOTAL | P153, 020.00 |


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