A Day In The Life Of a Shakespearian Actor

A Day In The Life Of a Shakespearian ActorMy humble duty remembered to my dearest Mother and Father,
I hath had the happy opportunity to image our family in one of London’s greatest plays; Twelfth Night by the one and only actor and writer William Shakespeare, who hath taken me as one of his own in his fantastic plays. I shall introduce the role of a steward called Malvolio. He is a steward of a white, pale, fair, beautiful countess who, town folks, noble men and dukes art asking her hand in marriage and art trying to woo her hopelessly. But sadly she is in mourning of her late father and brother whom she loved very much with her dear, dear heart.
I am very glad of this role as it is one of the head characters and brings the inner me into a fictional world as well as representing our gentry family to the best. Although I do not like the way it is written about me. One part doth I like is that I am an excellent jester as well as a very serious man which is exactly who Malvolio is and I shall doth this character to thy highest level. Malvolio also wishes his world and thyself to be sin free in which our family and I pride ourselves in and as thou have raised me, there is nay time for fun and games when there is better work to dost and Malvolio respects that way of life. When thy thinks the fair and beautiful countess fancies him, the part of a jester comes in and as I hath explained before I am an excellent jester.
But enough about my fabulous role for the play Twelfth Night, I shalt tell thou what my day to day life is here in London as thou shalt be worried as thou art my dear humble Mother and Father. I first and for most try to practice and rehearse my lines at all times as it would be such a disgrace to our family name if I forget my lines during my show. We have rehearsals each morning and everyone wakes up at dawn and we all rehearse and the globe theatre for our one and only show. As I have noticed many previous actor’s hath had fame and fortune as a soon as their play finishes. And methinks, I too am planning on experiencing thy fame and fortune which will make our family and our name even more renowned than it already is.
But I hath experienced such a pitiful sight after my afternoon rehearsals; I heard a virgin standing in defense of thyself but instead she was tortured and interrogated of being a witch and committing witchcraft and sorcery. Soon a crowd of people had gathered and were watching her screaming in agony as she was being burnt to her death. Such a pitiful sight! But I shall say that a virgin should be at home, taking care of her family. But she had lost her soul for the worst crime possible.
Not forgetting that I hath arranged specialist seats for thou at nay extra cost so doth come please. And thus with commendation I give thanks for giving me this lasting opportunity of being an actor and for my good cheer and not forgetting Aunt Lettyce, with blessing to Mall, nephews Lewis, Harvey, and Nick, and Nan, with my humble duty to my Mother and Father I commit you to God this Saturday . 15th January 1602 Sig:-

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