DutiesWhen in placement there are certain things you cannot do and things you can do. For example, when I am in placement I am allowed to walk around the school grounds with children but I am not allowed to take them out of the school grounds for health and safety procedures. However, within the classroom I am allowed to help the children when they need it but I must make sure they have tried first and if they cannot do something, I can guide them better. In addition, when I am in placement I am unable to take money or gifts (which should not be accepted) from the children this must be done by someone more official like the main teacher not assistance. The duties at placement allow you to interact with the children but makes sure you do not cross any personal boundaries such as hugging and other boundary breaking motions. In placement, you are also responsible to not develop any inappropriate or personal relationships with any individuals. This can also be favouritism, which cannot be shown within a work placement, as it is not a fair way to treat someone. It is also your duty to make sure you follow the policies and procedures, within the work placement so you know you do not do anything that you should not. You also have the duty to report any concerns you may have for a child or adult involved and this will need to be reported to a senior manager. It is also good to remember a child’s name and age as you might be asked to write their name and age on a piece of work they have done and you don’t what to be asking them every time they do a piece of work.

Duties 7.5 of 10 on the basis of 2096 Review.