Dissucss the Roles Involved in Supporting Teaching and Learning

Dissucss the Roles Involved in Supporting Teaching and Learning GOVERNORS.
The role of the Governors are not responsible for the hiring of suitable staff relating to the curriculum areas but they can be responsible for the termination of an employee. They are responsible for the school budget, to ensure that there is enough money for each area of the school. Each Governor has a different role:-
Special Needs
Parent Governor
School Welfare

The Head Teachers ultimate responsibility is for the safety and well being of all the children and the staff. They are also responsible for the curriculum and to ensure that it is being followed. Budget Control is also one of the area’s the Head Teacher is responsible for, ensuring that each area of the school is given an adequate amount of the budget. The Head Teacher also must ensure that the staff have ongoing Continue Professional Development. One of the Head Teachers duties is for the admissions policy but they must ensure that it is in line with the local council. They are responsible for the smooth running of the school.

The Deputy Head teachers generally stand in for the Head in times of absent, often they take the role of a Child Protection Officer. The Deputy Heads in primary schools are mostly teachers opposed to secondary schools, are non teaching Deputy Heads. Some are responsible for the timetables for school, some also have a pastoral role.
Teachers are responsible for a class of children, including the Health and Safety and the well being. Each Teacher is fully responsible for the planning of their curriculum, assessment and future planning in the classroom. They must also undergo the Continuing Professional Development and attend staff meetings as and when. Teachers often liaise with parents/carer. The Teachers take directions from the Head and Governors of the school..

Teaching Assistants and Nursery Nurse are there to support the Teacher and the children in the curriculum areas, they can work in a small group or on a one to one basis with a pupil, if the pupil suffers any learning difficulties or behaviour problems. Their role is to work under supervision and guidance from the Class Teacher.

The Administration department are responsible for a number of duties:-
Order processing, dealing with enquires, written correspondence, reception duties, booking of school trips and they can be responsible for the budget. They also check the attendance levels of the children, and to inform the Teachers of any absences. Booking appointments for the Head Teacher and Deputy Head. In addition, they are the first point of contact.

Site supervisor are responsible of the opening and closing of the school, the maintenance and general repairs of the school, they are also responsible for the cleaners and the security of the school. In general, to make the school a safe place for both the teachers and the children.


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